We Love What We Do


Our Inspiration

The real fruit of the Truthseekers movement lies in the lives of people who are being set free by the Truth. ¬†As we have lived in and loved India, we have seen Jesus do the most amazing things: save lives, transform villages, restore dignity and break caste barriers that have been in place for centuries. ¬†These stories reflect the depth and power of God’s work through Truthseekers in India.

We are working to collect a database of the stories of the movement, documenting the influence that God has had in transforming lives. ¬†Truthseekers has many dimensions, but the one constant is God’s presence.

More than 80 % of India lives in this slavery, and we are compelled to tell their story. Walk with us through a journey of the life changing, Life giving impact of the Good News in India….truly setting captives free.