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Did you know that over a half billion people still have no hope to pursue their dreams and live in virtual slavery?

And did you know that the official government designation for these people is “backwards castes?”

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Inspiring Stories of Change

The real fruit of the Truthseekers movement lies in the lives of people who are being set free by the Truth. As we have lived in and loved India, we have seen Jesus do the most amazing things: save lives, transform villages, restore dignity and break caste barriers that have been in place for centuries. These stories reflect the depth and power of God’s work through Truthseekers in India.

We are working to collect a database of the stories of the movement, documenting the influence that God has had in transforming lives. Truthseekers has many dimensions, but the one constant is God’s presence.

More than 80 % of India lives in this slavery, and we are compelled to tell their story. Walk with us through a journey of the life changing, Life giving impact of the Good News in India….truly setting captives free.


Jesus’ Kingdom through caste reconciliation

Truthseekers is committed to the belief that the Gospel of Jesus will destroy one of the most grievous violations of human rights still in existence – the caste system.  The caste system is a hierarchy of slavery defined and justified by the religion known to the world as Hinduism.  These castes live in perpetual conflict, and this conflict sharpens the lines of division between castes.

The Gospel of Jesus is centered in love and forgiveness – the key components of reconciliation.  We live out this ministry of reconciliation through breaking caste barriers by eating food, drinking chai, and washing feet to mend broken dignity and restore the image of God in every human being.

India’s history is filled with people seeking Truth and rebelling against caste hierarchy.  Although these historical Truthseekers pointed towards Jesus, few have taken the next step to fully embrace Him.  We join them on their paths to bring India to the next step of a Truthseeker’s journey: the Kingdom of Jesus.

“God is changing lives,
one story at a time.”

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