Young Untouchable Man Murdered at a Wedding

indian man

There are two types of caste divisions that occur. One is between high caste and low caste, which is illustrated by the story on Farmer Suicides. The other is between the thousands of low castes themselves, which is illustrated by this story.

This story, which occurred in 2019, was carried by one of the largest newspapers in India. It is about a young man who went to a wedding with his family. His family were Dalits or Untouchables.

When it came time to eat dinner, the young man was not around his family, so he took the meal on his own and sat down. As it was, he ended up sitting close to some people who were from a higher caste than he was, and they were offended that a Dalit was sitting down close to them. They subsequently began to beat him until he was almost unconscious. When he had regained his strength, he took a taxi home and slept on the porch of his home. His family had already arrived home before the young man got there, and were unaware that he was injured. When the family woke up in the morning, the young man was dead.

Unfortunately, this story is very common in India today. Hinduism teaches them not to socialize or interact with those that are not from their caste. There is a system of hierarchy between each and every caste, so that you either feel superior or inferior to a particular caste. That is why some families will on occasion, kill their own child if they marry someone from a different caste.

So this is why TSI engages in caste reconciliation. They bring together the leaders of various caste groups and have meals together. They discuss issues that affect them and try to promote common ground and understanding.


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