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Jan 2020
bible distribution India

Below are pictures from the Bible distribution that Truthseekers recently had in a small village, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Not too long ago, Sunil met a young man in Delhi who expressed interest in what Sunil had to say during a meeting. After some time, this young man decided he wanted to follow Christ. Eventually, this man went back to his village and told them what he had learned...

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Sep 2019
Sunil speaking at a rally

Truthseekers will distribute 10,000 bibles to tell the story of the Good Shepherd to the Shepherds’ caste of Uttar Pradesh, India. It all began sixteen years ago, when Shiv Kumar Pal, a member of the shepherds’ caste who held Master’s degree in mathematics, came to Truthseekers in Delhi to serve as the accountant and office manager. He was not a follower of Christ at that time. Sunil quoted to him John 10:11, where Jesus says, “I am the good shepherd.” Shiv Kumar’s response was, basically, “Wait, you worship one god who identifies......

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