Farmer Suicides

In India, there are certain states where suicides by farmers are very common. Estimates vary, but most likely at least 5,000 farmers commit suicide every year. They do this because, despite their exceedingly hard work, oftentimes working seven days a week, they go further and further into debt each year and see no way out.

The reason why they cannot make a profit is because Brahmins, and other high caste people, control everything that the farmers need. They control the rent for the land; they control the price of the equipment they need to rent; they control the price of seed; and they control the price that they can sell their product for.

In many ways the farmers of India are like the Sharecroppers in the US after the Civil War. The tenants had very little control of their situation and remained in a type of slavery. The farmers of India are unable to adequately support their families, so they lose hope and commit suicide.

Truthseeker’s International has played an important role in trying to rectify this injustice. They regularly meet with leaders from the Farmer’s caste to come up with ways to meet this challenge. They have also organized large rallies with some of the orphans present, as well as many politicians, in order to garner support and change laws that perpetuate this problem.

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